Badass bades #2

2. Imogen Lehtonen

I really don’t need to write much here as the pictures will explain themselves. But by Jesus how badass is this girl?

Kiwi-born, LA living Imogen is not only a biker babe who happens to looks like a fucking supermodel but her day job is jeweller at her family business which happens to be…. The Great Frog. If you don’t know what The Great Frog is then you can educate yourself here.

She looks like a porcelain bloody doll yet I’m pretty much certain she could kick your ass, no matter who you are. Now I ride a bike. Ok. Not a motorbike. But I still like to think I’m pretty badass going up and down mountains but that is nothing compared to this girl. Her bike ride BFF Norman Reedus for chrissake.

So yeah. Follow Imogen. Feel undeniably uncool. Feel like you want a motorbike. Remember that you’re undeniably uncool. Repeat. 

All images from Pinterest. 

Imogen’s instagram here


A little shout out to…

Dixi jewellery 

I have been social-media-liking and longfully lusting over barrels of beauties from Dixi jewellery and so last month (with the help of a darling little discount code) I finally gave in. 

Rather than show you what I actually bought (you don’t need to know I basically bought three designs in every size and style available – what? Somedays are gold days, some silver, some are thumb ring days, some are index), I thought I would just show you my ultimate favourites….

Lone Wolf ring £28

Stacked or on its own this ring is just ugh! I love the badass statement combined with the delicate fragile style of ring. Perfect for all us anti-social butterflies. 

 Bandit babe necklace set £22

What is not to love about this lil’ combo. Like beer and whisky these two are just as good separate as they are together. I actually use bootlaces ties as handbag accessories, the scratches on my car door will testify to this fact. But what an amazing little set. Oh, and the bandit charm necklace is also available with “outlaw”, I have this one too, despite the fact I am not an outlaw nor am I bandit. But nobody needs to know that. 

Speaking of outlaws and bandits…

Bandit and outlaw rings £10

Yep. I have both these too. And the Born a Bad Seed one. Maybe having this much jewellery saying I’m a bandit outlaw actually makes me a bandit outlaw? Nah. Thought so.

But if you’re lucky and cool you enough to be an actual bandit outlaw then this shop is for you. If you’re like me and a bit of a wannabe phoney then this shop is also for you. If you’re neither of the above you should still have a look, they have gazillions of rad jewellery and their prices are a yes and their delivery couldn’t have been faster. So yeah. Hit them up basically.