A little shout out to…

Dixi jewellery 

I have been social-media-liking and longfully lusting over barrels of beauties from Dixi jewellery and so last month (with the help of a darling little discount code) I finally gave in. 

Rather than show you what I actually bought (you don’t need to know I basically bought three designs in every size and style available – what? Somedays are gold days, some silver, some are thumb ring days, some are index), I thought I would just show you my ultimate favourites….

Lone Wolf ring £28

Stacked or on its own this ring is just ugh! I love the badass statement combined with the delicate fragile style of ring. Perfect for all us anti-social butterflies. 

 Bandit babe necklace set £22

What is not to love about this lil’ combo. Like beer and whisky these two are just as good separate as they are together. I actually use bootlaces ties as handbag accessories, the scratches on my car door will testify to this fact. But what an amazing little set. Oh, and the bandit charm necklace is also available with “outlaw”, I have this one too, despite the fact I am not an outlaw nor am I bandit. But nobody needs to know that. 

Speaking of outlaws and bandits…

Bandit and outlaw rings £10

Yep. I have both these too. And the Born a Bad Seed one. Maybe having this much jewellery saying I’m a bandit outlaw actually makes me a bandit outlaw? Nah. Thought so.

But if you’re lucky and cool you enough to be an actual bandit outlaw then this shop is for you. If you’re like me and a bit of a wannabe phoney then this shop is also for you. If you’re neither of the above you should still have a look, they have gazillions of rad jewellery and their prices are a yes and their delivery couldn’t have been faster. So yeah. Hit them up basically. 



Shit I’ve bought this month…

I have been pretty bad at spending this month. By bad I mean good. Ok I’m even confusing myself now. Basically I’ve been buying a shitload. But in my defence, all pieces that belong in my largely black, mostly casual wardrobe. 

Let’s dive in babes. 

1. Western mini satchel by River Island

I mean, how goddamn cute is that. It’s tiny in comparison to most of the beasts I use as handbags (I like to carry ALOT of crap and usually about 3L of water) but is a really great size for nights out or days where you can leave your tablet and blush palette at home 😐. I mean it’s no western Boy Bag (uuuuuuugh) or Lair offering but it’s a pretty bad ass next best thing and only £26.00 (not including the nice lil 20% discount code I nabbed before I checked out). 

2. Vans old Skool from Vans

God I feel like a douche writing Skool but whatyougonnado? So this is actually my first pair of old skools and I am so excited to have them.  My go-to Vans are usually the sk8-hi classics but my pair are now at the perfect stage of being battered and bruise that they look so perfect with jeans and white sport socks but just not that great when I want to be able to pass trainers off as going out shoes (something I do pretty regularly). So I picked up these little guys. 

I got Mat to lace them for me. For some reason he is so much better at lacing shoes than I am. Maybe it’s a patience thing. Maybe I’m just cack-handed. 

3.  Badass ring collection from Dixi jewellery

So Dixi jewellery had the most immense January sale and I went all out. I now have 9 of the above rings in various sizes and all the matching necklaces. These rings have been on my (iPhone) wish list since I saw them on Pinterest a few years back but I could never quite justify buying  non-silver jewellery for more than a fiver. But then they had a sale….. I’m not a big jewellery spender as apart from my wedding ring I tend to mix it up daily and so never spent too much on one piece. I also have pretty tacky taste in jewellery and luckily most of that crap is usually pretty inexpensive ha ha!

4. Faux leather leggings from Zara

So my last blog-worthy purchase this month are these little babies from Zara

Truthfully I would never have bought these going by the images on the Zara website as they always seem to style things in a pretty unflattering way. Maybe just me. Anyways I saw a stunning lil’ youtuber showing these in a haul and I was sold. She is teeny tiny and said she should’ve maybe bought a S over her usual XS, so I decided to size up to a M to be on the safe side. Having tried them on I think that was a pretty wise decision. Especially if I plan on slightly bending my legs at all. To be honest, I haven’t worn these yet but I have a outing in mind where I wanna wear them so I might do a bit of a “trying on sesh” (what we call them in my house) with them first before I 100% decide to keep them). Watch this space. 

So there are January’s big purchases. There were others but I’m sure nobodies remotely interested in reading about my new shoehorn (❤LOVE A SHOEHORN!❤) or replacement mascara. 

I do have a few purchases on their way to me as we speak but we’ll save them for next month. 

Adios amigos xxx