Badass babes #1

I thought I would start a little series entitled “Badass Babes” and although the clue is in the title I will explain….

There are a number of women who walk this earth who embody the fuck-you-I-don’t-care attitude we wished we had whilst also possessing the coolest style and stalker-enticing charisma. Basically if I wasn’t me I would wanna be one of these girls. Or all of them. Nah wait. That could get very messy. 

So on we go with number one…

DISCLAIMER: these bb’s are by no means in any kind of order. 

1. Erin Wasson

She supermodels. She skates. She smokes weed. She designed the most amazing collection for RVCA. She ride-or-dies with a darling pitbull called Cream. She makes anyone feel uncool next to her. She wears a snarl like nobody’s business. She generally does not give a f***.